Grandmama visited last month + new blog!

A whole month has already passed since my mom visited but MAN did Lily love having her grandma here! My mom was here for three weeks in December for Lilyian’s birth then she visited in February when my little was only 2 months old so she didn’t really interact with anyone yet. THREE months go by and I’m pretty sure my mom was going to explode if any more time passed without seeing us but she finally visited at the end of May. Now, mind you, we had FaceTime’d with my mom almost daily between February and May and Lily had grown to learn that the FaceTime call-tone meant GRANDMAMA! and she grew very irate if GRANDMA! didn’t answer.

My mom got here right when Lilyian turned 5 months so she got to see a much more lively baby. They read together, laughed, cuddled, and simply enjoyed each other’s company. Since my mom has left, Lily has learned how to crawl (someone save us!), plays more, is cutting her first tooth (again, save us!!) and has begun eating solids… which is a whole different post I need to work on (spoiler: she loathes cucumber)

Grandmama and Lily Monster!

Grandmama and Lily Monster!

Smiles for my mom

Smiles for my mom

how very interesting..

how very interesting..

SO! I previously said I was starting a new blog AND I HAVE! Big News for Little Ones is a site where I will be posting articles from around the world that are kid-friendly. It is really hard to sift through all the negative to find something you and your little one can learn about together so this blog will become an easier way to find the good in all the bad. I am trying to update fairly often but the crawling + the tooth cutting + preparing to move = slightly challenging so bear with me while I get everything to calm down!



Physical therapy + doTERRA DIY + I’m making another blog!

Hello, world! I have finished physical therapy! A little background information: I started physical therapy in March after my doctor (finally) accepted the fact that my postpartum pain wasn’t going to resolve itself and recommended me to a physical therapist. It turns out that my hips were staying misaligned and a nerve was getting pinched. After several sessions with at home exercises and deep muscle massages (oh my goodness <3), my hips are staying where they are meant to be and I am PAIN FREE! Thank goodness, I can finally sleep! Eric rubs my hip once a week with doTERRA Deep Blue rub which helps immensely as well.


This doTERRA DIY is.. Razor Burn Relief! Now the story behind this is simple and one many moms can understand… I just don’t have time to shave anymore. It is a happy day when I get my calves done but my thighs… I don’t think they had been shaved in the year 2015 until the other day. Well, I finally got the time + dedication to weed whack and, of course, I broke out in some bad razor burn. I decided to look up how to get rid of razor bumps with essential oils and stumbled across Atwood Avenue’s post which suggested using lavender and melaleuca. I sprayed my Owie Spray on my legs as it contains both oils plus frankincense which is pretty much a miracle in a bottle for anything you need and.. tadah! My bumps are GONE! I am so happy because I also do not have a thigh gap so my puppies get even more irritated from rubbing against each other.


Finally, I’m making another blog! I want to be more active online since Lilyian is now 6 months old (tomorrow!) so I have a bit more freedom as she likes doing things on her own now. This new blog will be a daily news blog where I post information and links to kid-friendly news. I always liked hearing about the world as a child but it was hard to sift through the negative to find the positive stories and I know we don’t want to spend 20 minutes sorting through age-inappropriate articles before we find one that we can share with our children. This blog will encourage us as parents to connect with our children through what is happening around the world and who doesn’t want that?! Leave a comment on what kind of news you would be interested in hearing about + the age of your child/children. Thanks so much!!


And a Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers around the world!



I simply cannot do it

I’ve tried.

I’ve looked up dozens of sites.

I’ve researched so many different recipes.

I’ve TESTED so many different recipes.

And they’ve all led me to one conclusion.


I. Hate. Coconut. Flour.

I cannot stand it! I love coconut – coconut milk, coconut water, coconut flakes, I am COCONUT 4 LYF.. but my god, if I’m left with coconut flour then I guess I’m not eating because it simply does not work for me. blargh no that’s one healthy switch getting kicked to the curb in this household.

We HAVE made the switch to Almond milk. Silk dark chocolate Almond milk is the ABSOLUTE best. And bonus – almonds help with breast milk supply. That’s really why I’m drinking it.. really..

And I’m making these banana dark chocolate almond pancakes this coming weekend!!! I’ll let you know what we think of them!


In further news, me and the Little were sick last week. Like super duper sick. She started Monday off coughing and congested and steadily worsened throughout the day. Her temp was hovering around 100.5 until evening when it hit 100.8 so we took her to the ER…where it hit 102.4. They dosed her up with Tylenol and sent us on our merry way after her fever broke and she started acting like her normal self.

fe fi fo fum I'm the sickest baby bum!

fe fi fo fum
I’m the sickest baby bum!

many hours after bedtime..

many hours after bedtime..


Tuesday, I had a super sore throat where I couldn’t drink anything let alone eat but Lily was finally gracing us with smiles so I knew she was on the mend. I went to bed, woke up around 1am to a crying baby, fed and medicated her.. and then proceeded to lay there for 2 hours twitching and shivering from an extreme fever. That fever finally broke and I got some sleep. Wednesday, my fevers were all over the place from 100 to 102.5 degrees. I was so sick I couldn’t carry Lily five feet and Eric had to come home from work in the morning. My fever finally hit 102.8 then broke. We both went to our doctors on Thursday. I was diagnosed with HFMD which has no treatment and no test to prove it so rest + liquids + doctors note for my physical therapy and I was released. We then went to Lily’s doctor for an ER follow up. This is the first time I met that doctor and I immediately disliked her. She wasn’t very personable (which I wouldn’t care if she was my doctor and not personable buuuut you’re handling my kid so we gots ta have some good vibes) and she abandoned Lily and myself for 15 minutes to find a nasal swab to test Lilyian for RSV… even after I said the ER had already done that. She returned with no nasal swab, bitching that the ER didn’t run a urine sample because that’s what SHE would have done… then proceeded to inform me that allowing my 4 month old to stand would bow her legs and I should not be letting her do that but “that’s just MY advice.. you don’t HAVE to follow it… but it’s my MEDICAL advice.” kk so I get that you’re an old woman but.. if you’re not going to keep up to date on the research which disproves that myth*** then I don’t want you near my child.. so Lily has a new doctor!!

**I’m going to look up the original source found at the bottom of the article(s)

Super random post, I’m sorry. I just felt like rambling. I’ve been running On Guard in the house since we got sick so everything smells great and clean at the same time and I’m just in a ramble-ly mood!


Deal for (2015) April 1-15 + DIY Runner’s Relief

Hello, everyone! Easter is TODAY! I hope everyone has their Easter eggs ready and their chocolates in the baskets :] Or, ya know, if you’ve eaten them already, that’s completely acceptable as well. I would have by now if Lilyian would allow me to have chocolate and I wasn’t too lazy to find some soy-free chocolates. That’s okay, I’ll just drink my Soy Almond Dark Chocolate milk from a wineglass. Sophisticated AND delicious!


Anyways. This post is a little update on the freebies available from doTERRA until the 15th of this month. If you become a Wellness Advocate (aka you sign up instead of just ordering products), you get wholesale prices on all oils. If you reach at least 125 PV (points), you get a free Oil of the Month (DigestZen). 175 PV = DigestZen + Purify. 200 PV = DigestZen + Purify + Deep Blue + Deep Blue rub.

As a personal Welcome, I’m adding a free keychain (your choice of black or purple) for anyone who signs up and anyone who signs up underneath you :] You can carry up to 8 oils with you at anytime for emergencies (I keep my Allergy Bomb in mine! I’ll make a DIY post for that recipe soon).

My membership ID is 1807900 if you decide to join! If you have any questions, truly feel free to ask them. I’m here to help anyone and everyone who is even remotely intrigued by essential oils, whether for personal use or as a business opportunity.


And now for the DIY Runner’s Relief spray. My husband is a soldier in the US Army and he runs constantly. He’s about to join 160th and his running is going to increase tenfold. We used some Runner’s Relief on his legs BEFORE he went running last night.. he wasn’t sore after running. Okay, well we will wait and see what happens in the morning because he usually hurts after a long run. Nope, no pain, no aches. This has become a staple in our house (literally) overnight.

Runner’s Relief Spray

  1. Add about 1/8-1/4 inch of coconut oil to your spray bottle.
  2. Add 3-5 drops of Deep Blue essential oil blend
  3. Fill the rest of the way with water
  4. When ready to use: PRIOR to running, oscillate the bottle a few times and spray on legs!

My husband also sprays this on his arms before doing his pushups and notices a significant difference in soreness.

Here’s a video about the Deep Blue blend, provided by doTERRA


Uses for the Purify oil!

Uses for the Purify oil!

GREAT uses for the DigestZen oil!!! especially for little ones!

GREAT uses for the DigestZen oil!!! especially for little ones!


DIY Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

NOTE: Essentials oils must be kept in glass containers. Essential oils CAN be stored in plastic containers if the essential oils are highly diluted. Make sure they are high quality if you do use plastic containers.


Hand sanitizer

Roughly 6oz bottle:

-5 tablespoons 100% aloe vera gel

-4 tablespoons water + more

-1/4 teaspoon vitamin E oil

-8-10 drops On Guard Protective Blend

-Small Squeeze Container or 6oz spray bottle

You can either mix it in the bottle or mix in a bowl and pour into your container afterwards. Mix the aloe vera and vitamin E oil together (or add to the bottle). Add the On Guard and the water. Mix then pour into the bottle (or simply shake the bottle!). You want it to look slightly creamy/white. If it’s too watery, add more more aloe!



-Bounty paper towels (trust me, you want Bounty. For some reason, almost all other brands fall apart)

-2 cups lukewarm water (you don’t want the water too warm or you’ll destroy the oils’ healing properties)

-1 or 2 TBsp coconut oil

-3 to 5 drops lavender oil

– 3 to 5 drops malaleuca oil  (aka tea tree)

-Large enough container to hold your paper towels (we use a Folgers container!)

Cut your paper towels in half so you have to mini sized power towel rolls. Mix your water, coconut oil, lavender oil, and malaleuca oils together. Place one of the paper towel halves into the container and slowly pour your oil mixture around the paper towels. Let sit for an hour, remove the cardboard center, and you now have pull-from-the-center wipes the moisturize and heal all at the same time!


If you have any questions, leave a comment. If you’re interested in essential oils, visit my page: http://www.mydoterra.com/brittanylane1315/#/

One of my favorite oil blends is the PastTense. My husband gets horrendous headaches that last three days no matter what we do. I used PastTense on him (both temples and where the hairline meets the back of the neck) and it was gone within an hour.. and it hasn’t come back. That was YESTERDAY. This isn’t a “oh look what it can dooooo” story.. it is a real life experience of ours and wow, we’re hooked on THAT oil blend now!


Cloth Diaper Review!

We’ve been using cloth diapers for two days now (we’re so experts, right?) so I figured I should write down what we like, what works best for us, our experiences, etc etc. Here we go!

Prepped: Hot water with extra rinse + all free and clear (military) + cold wash with extra rinse (no detergent) -> 4-6 times

My diapers were ready after 3 washes but I wanted to make sure we were GOOD. TO. GO.

Night time: Flip cover + Flip organic night time prefold -> Lily goes anywhere from 7-11 hours in this diaper without a wake up and if she does wake up, it is because she’s hungry but we go ahead and change her anyways. We haven’t had a leak yet (mind you, this is only night number 4 with cloth diapering)

Daytime: We prefer covers + prefolds! Pockets are a bit of a hassle and seem a lot bulkier when using prefolds. We’re using both though until we build up a great diaper cover stash (if anyone can point us to some super cute covers, leave a comment PLEASE!)

Inserts: Hands down the winner is Green Mountain Diapers unbleached prefolds. We are currently using the small (yellow) ones and they are perfect for my 13lb baby and her diapers which are on the smallest setting (unless it is the Thirsties covers, she’s on the biggest setting for the size 1 because I’m pretty sure they run smaller than advertised). We’re also using GM hemp doublers which are pretty darn awesome, we just lay them in the prefold then padfold! The SoftBums one size DryTouch pod with newborn insert are pretty nice, they can also snap into the AI2s. We also like the Bumkins contour soakers and Perfect Bum booster s/m.


1. Thoroughly soak a towel and toss it + the diapers + the pail liner into the washer (HE front loader)

2. Speed wash + extra rinse -> cold, high soil, low speed, NO detergent : 57 minutes

3. Fill a kettle halfway with water and set it to boil

4. Once the washer is done, fill the kettle the rest of the way with cold water and pour into onto the towel and diapers IN the washer

5. Whites + extra rinse -> hot, high soil, high speed, detergent filled half way up to the 1 marker: 1hr 54 minutes

6. Speed wash + extra rinse -> cold, high soil, high speed, NO detergent: 57 minutes

7. Tumble dry on medium or hang dry. Stains automatically going into the sun


I am so beyond happy we switched to cloth diapers. They’re not nearly as hard as they seem on the surface and I just adore them.






I love food

Ah food. The relationship I have with food is a complicated one. I grew up watching my mom use food as a therapist and I inherited that tendency from her. I vividly remember stepping on the scale in 5th grade and weighing in at 146lbs then running away crying while my classmates snickered at me. I grew to love..hate..love?.. no hate! food throughout my teenage years. I resented my mom for taking the easy way out of her obesity by getting a gastric bypass (and now, years later, she admits it was her way to cheat exercising the weight off. She exercises and eats correctly now though!). I worked off my weight and sophomore, bow chica bow wow!

taken in fraaaaaance

taken in fraaaaaance

I married Eric the summer before my senior year, 6 days before he left for basic training. I exercised and focus on my wedding a few months later. Then we moved in together, 7 hours away from my family. I was depressed. Super depressed. And I turned to my old friend, food. I gained 100lbs in a year. One. Hundred. Pounds. All i did was sit around the apartment, eating, growing more depressed because I didn’t know anything and I didn’t have anything to do and omg my clothes are getting tighter so lets eat away the sadness. Vicious cycle and I didn’t see the problem until I started college and this picture was taken of me.

fun fact: I was going to a religious college at the time sooo yep fun fact #2: look at Eric's adoring eyeballs at me :]

fun fact: I was going to a religious college at the time sooo yep
fun fact #2: look at Eric’s adoring eyeballs at me :]

Eyes wide open. Mayday mayday we have a problem. I was tired just walking around. I was grumpy. My marriage wasn’t falling apart quite yet but we were close.. and it was all on me and it took that picture to realize it. Eric deployed and I started to cook more, walk more, do more. I lost 40lbs during his 12 month deployment and MAN did I like how I felt!! I had energy, I was happier, our marriage flourished (we haven’t had a Major Fight since his R&R during deployment. Which was 4 years ago. we’ve fought but they weren’t “I want a divorce!” quality), and.. then I had a miscarriage. I gained a little bit of my weight back, about 10lbs, and then I decided I wanted to look and feel better again. I started making a real effort to lose weight, especially once Eric and I were living in two different states for a year so I could finish my Bachelor’s degree while he was stationed elsewhere. I lost about 16lbs, graduated!, and moved back with my husband. I once again gained some weight (and I’ve noticed the pattern. I gain weight when I’m with Eric. We get lazy and eat out more. Good thing I’m keeping track now, huh?!) Then I got pregnant with Lilyian and food became the enemy once more. I couldn’t keep anything down! I hated all foods but especially chicken and garlic (I love chicken and garlic so this was saddening…)

Now I’m me again, but as a mom. I’m Lilyian’s mom and she NEEDS me to be here for her. I need to have the energy to chase her little butt all around, to keep her entertained, to make sure she learns enough to develop to her fullest potential. So we are having a lifestyle change. I cook again, all the time. I didn’t realize how much I missed cooking! I spent all of Sunday preparing food for lunches so we wouldn’t grab crappy foods.

And this entire post started because my lunch was quinoa, homemade salad dressing, a plum, carrots, and sugar snap peas. Ah, I love food.


Note: There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with being a bigger person. Embrace yo’ curves! Love every single inch of you! WORK IT! You’re beautiful, period.