Physical therapy + doTERRA DIY + I’m making another blog!

Hello, world! I have finished physical therapy! A little background information: I started physical therapy in March after my doctor (finally) accepted the fact that my postpartum pain wasn’t going to resolve itself and recommended me to a physical therapist. It turns out that my hips were staying misaligned and a nerve was getting pinched. After several sessions with at home exercises and deep muscle massages (oh my goodness <3), my hips are staying where they are meant to be and I am PAIN FREE! Thank goodness, I can finally sleep! Eric rubs my hip once a week with doTERRA Deep Blue rub which helps immensely as well.


This doTERRA DIY is.. Razor Burn Relief! Now the story behind this is simple and one many moms can understand… I just don’t have time to shave anymore. It is a happy day when I get my calves done but my thighs… I don’t think they had been shaved in the year 2015 until the other day. Well, I finally got the time + dedication to weed whack and, of course, I broke out in some bad razor burn. I decided to look up how to get rid of razor bumps with essential oils and stumbled across Atwood Avenue’s post which suggested using lavender and melaleuca. I sprayed my Owie Spray on my legs as it contains both oils plus frankincense which is pretty much a miracle in a bottle for anything you need and.. tadah! My bumps are GONE! I am so happy because I also do not have a thigh gap so my puppies get even more irritated from rubbing against each other.


Finally, I’m making another blog! I want to be more active online since Lilyian is now 6 months old (tomorrow!) so I have a bit more freedom as she likes doing things on her own now. This new blog will be a daily news blog where I post information and links to kid-friendly news. I always liked hearing about the world as a child but it was hard to sift through the negative to find the positive stories and I know we don’t want to spend 20 minutes sorting through age-inappropriate articles before we find one that we can share with our children. This blog will encourage us as parents to connect with our children through what is happening around the world and who doesn’t want that?! Leave a comment on what kind of news you would be interested in hearing about + the age of your child/children. Thanks so much!!


And a Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers around the world!



I promise I’m still kicking over here!

PHEW! I haven’t written anything in over a month! Where has the time gone? Well, Lilyian would know since she hogged all of it. I don’t mind, I love spending my time with her. However this now means I have a LOT to post about! I’ll be working on these posts over the weekend but here’s what we have to look forward to:

  • The Little Bee Co. diapers review
  • Lily turn 5 months old!
  • My mom visiting (Grandmama Lisa + Lily = perfect)
  • Physical therapy overview
  • Packing and cleaning and Army oh my!

While I have you here. Does anyone have any fox nursery decorations they can point me to? I’ll post pictures of what we have but I want to actually decorate Lilyian’s room when we finally move and I would love any suggestions you have!


Deal for (2015) April 1-15 + DIY Runner’s Relief

Hello, everyone! Easter is TODAY! I hope everyone has their Easter eggs ready and their chocolates in the baskets :] Or, ya know, if you’ve eaten them already, that’s completely acceptable as well. I would have by now if Lilyian would allow me to have chocolate and I wasn’t too lazy to find some soy-free chocolates. That’s okay, I’ll just drink my Soy Almond Dark Chocolate milk from a wineglass. Sophisticated AND delicious!


Anyways. This post is a little update on the freebies available from doTERRA until the 15th of this month. If you become a Wellness Advocate (aka you sign up instead of just ordering products), you get wholesale prices on all oils. If you reach at least 125 PV (points), you get a free Oil of the Month (DigestZen). 175 PV = DigestZen + Purify. 200 PV = DigestZen + Purify + Deep Blue + Deep Blue rub.

As a personal Welcome, I’m adding a free keychain (your choice of black or purple) for anyone who signs up and anyone who signs up underneath you :] You can carry up to 8 oils with you at anytime for emergencies (I keep my Allergy Bomb in mine! I’ll make a DIY post for that recipe soon).

My membership ID is 1807900 if you decide to join! If you have any questions, truly feel free to ask them. I’m here to help anyone and everyone who is even remotely intrigued by essential oils, whether for personal use or as a business opportunity.


And now for the DIY Runner’s Relief spray. My husband is a soldier in the US Army and he runs constantly. He’s about to join 160th and his running is going to increase tenfold. We used some Runner’s Relief on his legs BEFORE he went running last night.. he wasn’t sore after running. Okay, well we will wait and see what happens in the morning because he usually hurts after a long run. Nope, no pain, no aches. This has become a staple in our house (literally) overnight.

Runner’s Relief Spray

  1. Add about 1/8-1/4 inch of coconut oil to your spray bottle.
  2. Add 3-5 drops of Deep Blue essential oil blend
  3. Fill the rest of the way with water
  4. When ready to use: PRIOR to running, oscillate the bottle a few times and spray on legs!

My husband also sprays this on his arms before doing his pushups and notices a significant difference in soreness.

Here’s a video about the Deep Blue blend, provided by doTERRA


Uses for the Purify oil!

Uses for the Purify oil!

GREAT uses for the DigestZen oil!!! especially for little ones!

GREAT uses for the DigestZen oil!!! especially for little ones!