Grandmama visited last month + new blog!

A whole month has already passed since my mom visited but MAN did Lily love having her grandma here! My mom was here for three weeks in December for Lilyian’s birth then she visited in February when my little was only 2 months old so she didn’t really interact with anyone yet. THREE months go by and I’m pretty sure my mom was going to explode if any more time passed without seeing us but she finally visited at the end of May. Now, mind you, we had FaceTime’d with my mom almost daily between February and May and Lily had grown to learn that the FaceTime call-tone meant GRANDMAMA! and she grew very irate if GRANDMA! didn’t answer.

My mom got here right when Lilyian turned 5 months so she got to see a much more lively baby. They read together, laughed, cuddled, and simply enjoyed each other’s company. Since my mom has left, Lily has learned how to crawl (someone save us!), plays more, is cutting her first tooth (again, save us!!) and has begun eating solids… which is a whole different post I need to work on (spoiler: she loathes cucumber)

Grandmama and Lily Monster!

Grandmama and Lily Monster!

Smiles for my mom

Smiles for my mom

how very interesting..

how very interesting..

SO! I previously said I was starting a new blog AND I HAVE! Big News for Little Ones is a site where I will be posting articles from around the world that are kid-friendly. It is really hard to sift through all the negative to find something you and your little one can learn about together so this blog will become an easier way to find the good in all the bad. I am trying to update fairly often but the crawling + the tooth cutting + preparing to move = slightly challenging so bear with me while I get everything to calm down!



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