Another month passes

Lilyian is FIVE MONTHS OLD as of the 22nd of May. Whoa! She’s growing too fast. This kid is a champ too. She hates sitting because all the cool kids are standing, didn’t ya hear, so MOM STAND ME UP! She hugs if you ask her to, squeals when I say “nom nom nom” because she knows I’m about to nibble on her legs and stomach, she loves to play Up Fall which is where I stand her on my collarbone aaaaaand let her fall (with my arms constantly right behind her because I’m not insane enough to let her fall on her own) then I catch her before she hits the ground! She squeals and giggles and her eyes light up. Lily goes nuts when Daddy comes home, she thinks her puppy is the bees knees, and she really really wants to pet the kitties but mean old Mama and Daddy won’t let her. Everything in the entire world belongs to her. Everything. I belong to her. You belong to her. She discovered her toes a few weeks ago and now they are a constant play toy! Which is not fun for me at bedtime because “TOES WILL KEEP ME AWAKE!” yay. Lilyian has started to grab her crinkle books and “read” them to herself. She holds it above her, looks intently at the pages, and tries to turn the pages on her own (which only works when she is on her belly). I’m so proud of her! It is AMAZING to watch her grow up. Absolutely astounding.


Oh hey by the way! I have decided to challenge myself to post a photo to Instagram every day so come follow me and the daily adventures of Mom and Baby!

Here we are!


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