There is nothing wrong with formula

As I posted before, I had to give formula to Lilyian for a few weeks before I was able to wean her back to breast milk (after lots of pumping, then using a nipple shield, and now finally we are full Babe on the Boob). I was ecstatic about being able to give my baby breast milk… but guess what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving formula. Formula saved my baby’s life when she wouldn’t eat then when she wouldn’t take the breast and I hadn’t pumped enough for a full feed every time.

As a Mom, we do everything in our power to do what is best for our child and sometimes we judge other Moms for not doing what we are doing because, well, WE are doing what is BEST, right? Doing what is best for your child is not the same as doing what is best for all children so I want to be clear that any Mom who chooses to formula feed instead of breast feed knows that they have made the best decision. I’ve read many articles saying not to shame a Mom for formula feeding because you don’t know her circumstances. Maybe she can’t make enough milk. Maybe the baby is allergic. Maybe she has a demanding job that restricts her from pumping. I’m taking that philosophy one step further and saying DO NOT shame any Mom for formula feeding REGARDLESS of her reasons (which we have no reason to ask in the first place). Is she feeding her baby something healthy and nutritiously appropriate? Yes? End of discussion. I may have to sit with Lily at my breast for 15-45 minutes but that doesn’t mean my job is “easier.” Formula feeding – making bottles, cleaning bottles, buying formula, and guess what? Significant Other/Parent #2 gets to feed the baby too. That is some serious bonding time that MY husband has to miss out on and he really misses bottle feeding our little girl. I wanted to breastfeed my baby. I fought very hard to get away from formula then to get her on the breast and my efforts have been successful. That is the only thing that has gone correctly (seriously read my birth story and afterwards to understand that I got veeeeeeeeeery little from my birth that I wanted besides the baby (which is totally the best part anyways so oh well))

Stop shaming Moms. You’re an amazing Mother all on your own, you truly do not need to put others down to feel better about your choices. If you do, you may not be happy with the choices you made and I suggest taking a step back, evaluating what the problem is, and adjusting it to make you and your baby happy. Your child is going to grow up healthy, happy, and loving you so what does it matter what the other Mom is doing? There is nothing wrong with formula.

Note: There is 100% something wrong with not vaccinating your kid and not keeping your child as safe as possible (car seat, properly sleeping in a crib, etc). Why do I mention vaccines? Not vaccinating your child puts those who can’t get the vaccine vulnerable to the disease, including babies and cancer patients.

To end, here is my absolutely adorable kid being absolutely adorable



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