39 weeks and so ready to be done

Baby size: “mini watermelon” aka unacceptable description

Weight change: I am officially +5lbs from my first weigh-in!

Sleep: Back to dead sleep once I actually fall asleep (takes awhile)

Baby purchases this past week: Weeeeeee bought… her rocker/bouncer, a Batman outfit, and her stocking over the weekend :]

Movement: Less severe movements but lots of shifting.

Food cravings: Italian combo from Panera.

Anything making you queasy: Lack of sleep and lack of food

Miss anything?: My memory

What I am looking forward to: Getting her out and my mom will be here in a few hours!!!!!

Story of the week: Nothing really to report this week. I saw my doctor on Monday and she said I’m only partially dilated, like a funnel. Closed in the back but opening in the front. I have another appointment tomorrow so hopefully I hear a big “WOW! You’re x-cm dilated!” but this baby needs to get out of me NOW. Probably going to have to set up another appointment next week with my backup doctor as my primary goes on leave starting Wednesday and Lilyian doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with anyone. My mom is making her 18 hour drive down here right now :] About 7 hours left on that! My dog is going to have a heart attack when he sees her, he loves his grandma and he hasn’t seen her in a year since we PCS’ed.


39 weeks and she is dropping it like its hot.

39 weeks and she is dropping it like its hot.

Monday, I’m getting a membrane sweep (hopefully) then going shopping for the rest of Eric’s Christmas presents with my mom. I also need to pick up the foodstuffs to make the rest of her presents and get started on my sister’s and stepdad’s. They won’t get theirs until my mom drives home on the 3rd so I have plenty of time to do those. And for everyone looking at me like I’m insane, I’ll have my mom and my husband home the entire time so baby and cooking duties will be spread out accordingly. I just can’t let my mom make her own presents for two reasons. One, then it doesn’t count as a present. Two, she’ll eat it all while making it 😀 I make her fresh candied ginger and pizzelles every year. She eats the pizzelles as they come off the iron so she’s not allowed to help with those lol. My stepdad is getting rum balls from me and my sister gets salted caramel pretzel bark. Now, everyone gets a little bit of everything (minus the ginger, that’s all my mom’s) but each person has a favorite which is what I mean by they are getting that specific food item, they’re getting an entire batch for themselves while the other two have to share a batch.

Eric wants workout clothes this year and I agree. All of his stuff is getting old and gross so my mom and I are buying him virtually a whole new workout wardrobe. Plus, I might get him the new CoD because he’s not expecting it. He’s MAD that he doesn’t have anything to get me. I am a very hard person to shop for because I don’t want/like a lot of stuff. I’m not a jewelry person, I’m not big into chocolate, I don’t need anything. My obsessions are Christmas gift bags (yep, instead of shoes, I buy gift bags. I’m a cheap addict) and candles (ooooh my goodness. You want some delicious candles??? Shop at Candleberry.com. trust me. Get the Honey Buttered Rolls candle and send me a thank you card when it arrives).




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