38 weeks!

Baby size: About the length of a leek. There’s a leek in the boat!

Weight change: Next appointment is on Monday but I’m pretty sure I’ve gained more.

Sleep: I had a hard time sleeping the other night. I hurt too much, couldn’t get comfortable, and Eric was snoring. Blah.

Baby purchases this past week: The second mattress protector which is currently in the washer! We picked up the carseat from the lady and I’m cleaning that today as well. Otherwise I need to order her bouncer seat and some leggings.

Movement: Less severe movements but lots of shifting.

Food cravings: Italian combo from Panera.

Anything making you queasy: Lack of sleep and lack of food

Miss anything?: My memory. It’s SO BAD now. I can’t remember anything.

What I am looking forward to: Getting her out.

Story of the week: I baked cookies and made those candies last week and delivered them on Thursday. I am the favorite wife of Eric’s shop now 😀 All of the pilots and lower enlisted were moaning over the cookies and especially the truffles. I guess they were even talking about them yesterday while my husband was in the back office. Ironically, they have weight and tape next week sooo I’m also getting cursed by them lol

Weekly photo!

38 weeks and dropping

38 weeks and dropping

I’m getting slightly frustrated at the onslaught of “ARE YOU IN LABOR YET?” messages and “IS SHE OUT YET?” phone calls. Like, cmon. I’ll let everyone know when it happens, do you think asking is going to make it happen faster? My grandmother went into drama queen mode and started telling people she KNEW I was going into labor that night or the next night and I was GOING TO GO INTO LABOR END OF DISCUSSION. (p.s. it’s now 5 days later and nope, no baby). Stop asking. Love that you care, but stop asking. However, I know I’ve annoyed several friends/family members because I’m not sharing photos until after we get home from the hospital and are settled. We want bonding time and to take a breathe before posting any pictures but I’ve had a very subtle comments made about how bad they want photos as soon as she’s out and it’s unfair that they have to wait since they can’t be there (not that I’m allowing ANYONE there besides my mom and husband. I don’t handle a lot of people well, especially after something as intense as labor).

Before delivering cookies.

Before delivering cookies.

This weekend is being spent on cleaning, preparing the rest of Lilyian’s stuff, and just spending time with the husband. My mom will be here on the 14th/15th so I’m very excited for that :] but my house has to be spotless before she gets here or she will start cleaning and I’ll feel very guilty lol.


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