35 week update!

Baby size: 18ish inches and 5ish lbs. All elbows and knees and feetsies.

Weight change: I weigh myself and I’m +5lbs but my doctor weighed me at +3lbs on Monday. Who knows, I feel huge all of the sudden.

Sleep: Dead sleep. I wake up to pee, have a panicked walk of “WILL I MAKE IT TO THE BATHROOM IN TIME?!?” (so far, yes..if barely), then I go back to sleep. Two-three pees a night.

Baby purchases this past week: I bought 18 items from the carter’s sale 😀 Some of them were 2-4 items as one so woo!! Buying baby socks this weekend as we are severely lacking in foot coverings. Also ordering my mom’s grandma gift this weekend and picking up some things on my huge list of “we still need to buy this!!!”

Movement: I could make out from knee to foot this morning. I saw lines and curves and definition.

Food cravings: Italian combo from Panera.

Anything making you queasy: Lack of sleep and lack of food

Miss anything? Not getting painfully jabbed.

What I am looking forward to: 36 week appointment on the 24th and Thanksgiving!!

Story of the week: Nothing super interesting happened this week besides what I posted in my update the other day about my doctor. Uhhhh.. we picked out her going home outfits (one in newborn, one in 0-3m), including a couple hats! I still need to order mittens though. I picked out everything I’m making for Eric’s company! Buckeyes, gingerbread cookies, and sugar cookies- all of which I will make Thanksgiving weekend and bring them in that week. I do this every year, sort of a Happy Holidays gift from me to them.


Eric and I completed our Childbirth class today! Part two felt fasted than part one, not really sure why. Maybe because a lot of people were asking questions? This half of the class was about induction, medicines, epidurals, procedures, newborn characteristics, etc. It was a good class, Eric really felt like he learned a lot and I got more information on things I knew a little about from my research but had a more in-depth look at from the nurse who taught the class. We also found out that we have a ton of free services offered to us, including a lactation consultant coming to our home and helping me get the hang of breastfeeding if need be! I also had a breastfeeding class that I went to yesterday and I learned a LOT of great stuff. A lot of it I ‘knew’ from researching but the same nurse as my childbirth class was there and she is also a lactation consultant so she was able to explain things more thoroughly and show how to do certain holds. Very pleased with it all!

Yesterday before my breastfeeding class. That's my high school hoodie and I think I'm hiding a basketball under there!

Yesterday before my breastfeeding class. That’s my high school hoodie and I think I’m hiding a basketball under there!

35 week photo!



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