It’s always nice to love your doctor

I had my 34 week (and 4 day) appointment today! I wasn’t supposed to be seen until Friday (35+1) but my doctor will be gone on Friday so it got moved up. Whatevs, I’m flexible and Eric had today off so no leaving work to come listen to his daughter run away from the doppler! I am +3lbs exactly from my 5 week weigh-in so we’ve finally made some progress!

Today was mostly spent focusing on my birth plan and answering any questions I had. My birth plan is basically “I want a natural birth with minimal intervention and no medication.. but I’m totally up for change if I can’t handle it/it becomes necessary.” My doctor is completely on the same page and basically had a Hallelujah moment that I’m so flexible with my birth plan because “the fastest way to a c-section is having a strict birth plan without any change allowed.” Hey, things happen. This is about getting a healthy baby and a healthy momma out of that hospital as fast as possible. She’s totally cool with letting Eric ‘catch’ Lily after the head and shoulders are out and he is definitely allowed to cut the cord (unless there is an emergency in regards to either one, which we understand).

I got my blood drawn to check for this fun possibility  as I’ve been iiiiiitchy lately even though I’m on allergy meds 24/7. I also had a breast examination done. A couple weeks ago I had blood from my right breast, then over the weekend I had severe pain from my areola to my armpit like someone had sliced me open. No lumps, bumps, or blood found this time but she’s going to keep an eye on it and I am to inform her ASAP if I have anymore bleeding.


Next appointment is in two weeks. Group B strep test, pre-admission to the hospital, overview of things that could happen during labor and their risks (ex. vacuum, forceps, breaking water, etc. Mind you, she’s in the mindset of trying to avoid all of those!), and setting up the rest of my appointments from here until Lily arrives! I have my breastfeeding class on Wednesday and part 2 of the Childbirth class on Thursday. We’ve got lots of shopping to finish up and to start stocking up the house with essentials (TP, pads, paper towels, food stuffs, etc). We’re getting down to the nitty gritty and wow it feels like we have so much left to do… well, we kind of do! But it’s mostly shopping and cleaning so that’ll go fast. The only downside of today is we found out that we have to buy our own pump, our insurance doesn’t cover it. However, we’re military so.. our entire birth is free. I’d rather pay for a pump than pay for the birth, ya know?


Side by side comparison of my 27 week photo and my 34 week photo. And to think, I was convinced I was huge at 27 weeks. Ha. Haha. Hahahaha so cute of me.

Trust me, it's a big difference. That shirt doesn't fit anymore.. you can even see that its riding up in the front now!

Trust me, it’s a big difference. That shirt doesn’t fit anymore.. you can even see that its riding up in the front now!


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