31 weeks!

Baby size: 16ish inches and 3.5ish lbs

Weight change: AH. AH. AH! At my appointment, I was -2lbs but I just weighed myself after a week of baby shower and eating out, and I’m marked at +3!

Sleep: 3 hours -> pee -> 3 hours -> pee -> up for the rest of the day

Baby purchases this past week: We’re buying the crib on Monday! And I bought a few cloth diapers at the maternity store :]

Movement: Lots of movement. And I’ve become a SHELF!

Food cravings: Italian combo from Panera and alcohol. I took a sip of beer last night just to remind my crazy body that I DON’T LIKE BEER.. and wow, I wanted 50 of them.

Anything making you queasy: Lack of sleep and lack of food

Miss anything? Sleeping for more than 6 hours and my pjs fitting

What I am looking forward to: Getting the crib and my L&D tour on Thursday

Story of the week: I was flying back from Ohio on Wednesday and I was on the second plane, the final hop home. The flight attendant saw me holding my stomach (because wow, Lily loathes planes) and his eyes almost popped out. “How far along are you?????” Me: “Uh.. 31 weeks… I have a permission to fly slip if you need to see it?” This older British woman I was sitting beside leaned over and told the attendant that she is a midwife, I won’t give birth on the plane but if I do, she knows what she’s doing. He finally left me alone but there was a look of panic every time he looked at me. It was a fun 30 minute flight 😀

30 and 31 week photos because I was too busy at home to post last week!

30 weeks - no shelf

30 weeks – no shelf

31 weeks - SHELF BABY!

31 weeks – SHELF BABY!


On to the fun part…..


MY BABY SHOWER WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had such an amazing time. I got lots of gifts, my friend’s baby stole the show because he was too cute not to smile at, and I got a nice platter of corn pudding that I haven’t had since early 2013. That’s an unacceptably long time for me to go without my grandma’s corn pudding. So I ate 1/4 of the entire casserole dish. Happy Brittany 😀 My poor cousin didn’t realize that the party was at my aunt’s house so he drove 2 hours… to my mom’s… then had to turn around and drive 45 minutes to my aunt’s. Ah, poor guy. He gave me a creepy leash-harness thing, with the reasoning of “the owl is so disturbing that they won’t take her because they’re scared of the eyes!” This is what it looks like:

My mom modeling with the disturbing owl harness

My mom modeling with the disturbing owl harness

I enjoyed my baby shower immensely. I couldn’t have asked for a better party and everyone was so happy for me and Eric. My one friend was DETERMINED to feel Lily kick.. and she was the one person Lily refused to kick for. Poor girl 😀 But she was the one with the baby that stole the show so payback! :]

How could you not love this face?

How could you not love this face?


Belly shot! I look like I’m hiding the big pumpkin from outside…


The cousin that got lost.


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