29 weeks

Baby size: 2.5 lbs (a butternut squash… hrm) and roughly 15 inches

Weight change: I think I’m -1lbs. I have an appointment on Tuesday so I’ll get my ‘official’ weight then

Sleep: I nap often because I’m getting insomnia at night. Also SUPER unimpressed by the several times I wake up to pee and how it isn’t even “hm I need to pee” its “Oh my god am I going to make it to the bathroom????” so far, that answer is yes. I have 11 weeks left of this… I’m not sure it will remain a yes.

Baby purchases this past week: Nothing

Movement: Alien is trying to escape my stomach.

Food cravings: Italian combo from Panera

Anything making you queasy: Lack of sleep and lack of food

Miss anything? This week is stomach sleeping :[ I’m just not comfortable laying completely on my side. I’ve always laid at an angle so I’m never fully on my stomach but my uterus is too big for even that. Whine.

What I am looking forward to: Less than a week until I head home and 1 week 1 day until baby shower!

Story of the week: Checked Facebook and saw that Eric’s Lieutenant Colonel had his birthday! Yay! How fantas- omfg is that a cookie cake?? I NEED COOKIES. So I called Eric and (politely) demanded that he bring me some chocolate chip cookies. I did not care about the brand, I just wanted cookies. Following this was a ten minute conversation of him asking what kind of cookies??? and extra chocolate??? and BAKERY STYLE OR??? I finally had to tell him that I will (jokingly) kill him if he continues this conversation and doesn’t just bring me some damn cookies. 15 minutes later, cookies! Not dead husband! Happy wife! COOKIES!

This week’s bump

29 week bumpity bump

29 week bumpity bump


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