26 weeks

Baby size: About 14 inches or so.

Weight change: I got weighed at having gained .1lbs last week but I’ve been weighing myself and I’m only about -3lbs from my 7 week weight.

Sleep: Some pain in my back and hips. Reeeeeeally considering ordering a snoogle. And I’m constantly exhausted.

Baby purchases this past week: We got two onesies. One that is Snoopy because my mom adores that dog, and a Tasmanian Devil onesie that says “HUG ME!”

Movement: Hiccups and kicks and pushes, oh my! She doesn’t appreciate being pushed on but if you lightly place your hand where she’s at, she will push you away.

Food cravings: Nothing this week. I had a hard time making the dinner list yesterday because I’m not really wanted food.

Anything making you queasy: Lack of sleep, lack of food, and McDonald’s.

Miss anything? My shirts covering my stomach. Ugh

What I am looking forward to: BABY SHOWER!!!! 3 more weeks until I head home. We’re currently expecting around 30ish people. I’m so excited!

Story of the week: Lily woke me up around 4:30am the other day with hiccups to my left side. An hour and a half later, we’re still sitting there with hiccups except she was getting pissed off at them and began kicking whenever she hiccuped. I was amused but exhausted so I passed back out. When I finally got up, I had hiccups. Spiteful little creature.


Eric and I have been discussing on and off for the last couple months whether or not we want more children. WANT? Yes. Are we? No. This pregnancy has been an absolute hell, even the best part (kicks) suck half the time because she’s either kicking my cervix or kicking my torn muscles and sending me into a blinding pain. We’ve decided that any future children will be adopted, something we always knew we were going to do even while we were dating. But people who know we’re done keep insisting that I’ll change my mind, I’ll forget every problem I’ve had and I’ll want to do it again because MIRACLE! I don’t know how I’ll feel later on but it is so rude to keep TELLING me I’m going to have more kids. I haven’t exactly been enchanted with this pregnancy. I love my baby girl but wow, I’m ecstatic to never go through this again. Eric is adamant on us not having anymore children because he doesn’t think I’ll survive this again, especially if its worse with the next one. Add one a possible deployed husband and I’m taking care of another child with no family around? lol I’ll die. Nope, no thank you. There’s my rant for the week 😀

26 week bumpy bump. I had another picture I loved more but the bump looks better here.. grumble :D

26 week bumpy bump. I had another picture I loved more but the bump looks better here.. grumble 😀


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