Random survey and small update

Pregnancy survey!

About Mama

Name: Brittany

Hair color: Brown!

Eye color: Blue-gray

First child? I miscarried before.

About The Daddy

Name: Eric

Hair color: Dark brown

Eye color: Light blue

First child? Miscarriage with me

Finding Out

What day did you find out? April 13th, 3 days after missed period as I got very nauseous when Eric turned the car and motion sickness was a major symptom of mine last time

How did you feel when you found out? Nervous and scared. Excited but very apprehensive since it was so early on.

Who was with you? Both tests with Eric. One at 3:30am and again a few hours later after we got some “oh shit really?” sleep

Who was the first person you told? Since I didn’t really tell Eric, my mom :]

About Your Parents

How did your parents react? lol I called my mom at 4:30am her time and screamed “GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!” (with my first pregnancy, I brought her a pack of Thin Mints and casually said “I’m pregnant” so that’s our tradition now!)

How did his parents react? N/A

Are they helping with baby names? I informed my mom of my daughter’s name. She loved it but tried to convince me to change the middle name(s) to something more comical that I had originally came up with but for a second daughter.

Have they bought anything for the baby yet? My mom is going nuts with baby clothes!

Do they call to check on you? I talk to my mom daily and I constantly give her updates, whether she asks for them or not lol

About The Pregnancy

When was/is your first appointment? I had my first appointment on 04/17 but my first OB appointment wasn’t until June 6th as I was out of the state for most of May. I saw Lily on May 1st before leaving though!

When is your due date? According to my LMP, December 18th. The gender ultrasound came back with 12/22 but the recent ultrasound says 12/17 so who knows.

How far along are you? 25 weeks and 4 days. Time is flying by!

Have you had any ultrasounds? 5 total so far. Confirmation, heartbeat, ER, gender, and a check-up.

Have you heard the heartbeat? Several times but I always get a huge grin every time I hear it.

What was the heartbeat? Anywhere between 130-150. The last time it was 138

Sex of the Baby

Are you finding out the sex or waiting until birth? We found out at 18 weeks

What do you want? I’ve always wanted a girl but I was so convinced I was having a boy. I honestly just want a healthy baby.

What does the daddy want?: He wanted a boy but he always smiled at the thought of his baby girl

Have you had your big ultrasound yet? Yessm

If so, what are you having? Girl!

Are mommy and daddy happy with the gender? Yep, just shocked. Except now we know she’s way too much like me. Pretending to be a boy, stops moving when people watch, just all around sassy.

About the Birth

Who is going to be with you? My husband and mother

Are you going to videotape it? No. Just no. Nothing against those who do but I’ll kill whoever tries to record mine.

Natural or medicated?: Natural unless I am in an ungodly amount of pain to the point where I can’t take it any longer.

Do you think you will need a c-section? I truly hope not. I’m not getting one unless there is a serious medical need for it.

Will you cry when you hold your baby for the first time? Probably lol I’m highly emotional without these hormones so I’ll probably be a mess.

Do you think the daddy will cry? I don’t know. He’s not a big crier so I think he’ll just be in awe of her little soul.

Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold him/her?: Is that something any mother can guess? My instant reaction is something along the lines of “payback is a bitch” since this pregnancy has been hell but I’m sure it’ll be nice and loving

Are you scared about the labor? I’m hopeful it’s similar to my moms. I’m mostly scared about things going wrong, not so much the pain.


Do you have a name picked out? Lilyian

Is your baby going to be named after someone? Her middle names are. Erin for my aunt and Carol for his mom.

Other Random Questions

Have you felt the baby move? She’s trying to escape.

Do you have stretch marks yet? Not sure. I’ve always been a bigger girl and stretch marks are part of my normal life.

What was your first symptom? Missed period and motion sickness

Will your baby have godparents? No, but in the event of our deaths, my mom will take care of Lilyian.

What is the baby’s room theme? Mostly classic Pooh but I don’t have a set guideline of IT MUST BE POOH!

What was the first thing you bought for the baby? A onesie with dinosaurs and monkeys on it!

Will you use cloth diapers? Definitely

Breastfeeding or formula? Breastfeeding. I’ve been leaking colostrum since 17 weeks so I’m hoping that I won’t have a shitton of problems.

What is your favorite pregnancy book? I don’t really have a pregnancy book. I “have” What to Expect but I’ve been mostly googling weeks and symptoms, and using my baby app.

What do you look forward to once you are no longer pregnant? Cold subs and no more hellish symptoms. And my tshirts covering my stomach again.

Is he ready to be a daddy? Yeah. He’s still scared to get overly attached because of our previous loss but he’s getting better. He constantly talks to her and watches/feels for kicks.

Are you ready to be a mommy? I’m nervous. So many changes and we’re so far away from family. And I’ve never really taken care of a baby. But I know I love her.

My appointment on Friday went well! I stepped on that scale expecting a good weight gain… oh I gained weight. .1lb. POINT ONE. Are you kidding me? Five weeks of finally eating and I’ve gained .1lb. My doctor wasn’t concerned as I’ve been eating very healthily so she said this was to be expected. At least the baby is getting her nutrients and is obviously doing very well in there. I convinced my doctor to let me take my glucose test after the appointment instead of coming back in a few weeks just to sit for an hour. I haven’t heard anything back about my results but it is a military hospital so who knows if they’ve even tested my blood yet. My next appointment is two days before I leave for Ohio. Super ready for October already. Baby shower!!!!!!

Round is totally a shape

Round is totally a shape


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