25 weeks

Baby size: 13 inches of pure kicking power

Weight change: Like -3lbs! Not bad, not bad. I’ve “gained” a total of

Sleep: Dead. Dead dead dead. Eric said both cats were trying their damnedest to wake me up but to no avail. I was GONE! Only woke up to pee once so there’s that!

Baby purchases this past week: Labor Day sales were out of this world. Eric and I bought so much stuff for like 75% off.

Movement: Hiccups are her dealio this week but she was giving Eric some good kicks while he was talking to the belly the other night :] His face was adorable when she’d make the bump jump every time he spoke.

Food cravings: Uh.. tomatoes?????? I don’t like tomatoes. What in the world is up with this? I mean, it’s better than craving dirt or something equally unacceptable but tomatoes?! At least its not mushrooms.. I’m allergic to those, we don’t need to be killing Momma, Lily.

Anything making you queasy: Lack of sleep and lack of food

Miss anything? Not peeing every ten seconds is high on the list but I mostly miss being able to pick a dinner and STICK TO IT. I’ve been anti-food again so its been very difficult to pick a dinner lately.

What I am looking forward to: My appointment tomorrow and hopefully getting my glucose test done tomorrow instead of at the end of the month. I’m between 24-28 weeks but I would really rather not go JUST for an hour long test. I’ll already be there so LET ME DO IT! Oh, and I’m going to start setting up my birthing classes.

Story of the week: So I had some pretty bad Braxton Hicks last night. It felt like I was pushing my stomach out and forgot to relax… so uncomfortable. They started about 30 minutes after Lily was having hiccups into my cervix and stopped about an hour later… then she started hiccuping again. The contractions came back WITH A VENGEANCE. I thought I was in preterm labor because it was so painful but it was my right side muscle throwing a fit about being contracted. So excited for labor now 😐 I’m just going to wear my belly band for the rest of my life now, kk thanks.


Woo! People are starting to RSVP for my baby shower! I’m so ready for October already. Sadly, Eric can’t come because he’s really needed at work but his best friend is driving down (from Ohio.. 20 hour drive) and spending a couple weeks so he’ll have company while I’m gone 😀 Boy time then I’ll get back and the three of us can terrorize Texas for a weekend! After that, we’ll have about two months left until Lily gets here so lots of cleaning and organizing. I’m so ready to put the nursery together but I’m waiting for after my baby shower before I go spending crazy. And since Eric can’t go to my baby shower, here’s a picture of my fool of a Took torturing my cat by putting him in a onesie!

My cat is going to murder him

My cat is going to murder him

So Carter’s had 50% off everything except the clearance (which had its own 25% off) and doorbusters AND I had a 25% off coupon on top of that, and Ross always has amazing deals which basically come out to like 70% off retail.. I went crazy. I bought a ton of clothes and Eric found some neon pink/green socks. Pink is his thing ever since I had a dream of him with pink dreadlocks (2 years ago by the way) so he was fangirling over finding the socks.


My mom texted me in a panic that she forgot how to spell Lily’s name. One of my friends was asking and my mom was freaking out that she was spelling it wrong lol Lilyian Erin Carol. Lilyian is a name I picked before I even hit double digits in age and luckily Eric loved it as well. Erin is for my aunt who passed away 6 years ago in a car accident. I’m a little nervous because Lily is due right around the anniversary of my aunt’s death and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Carol is for Eric’s mom. She passed away 12 years ago after battling breast cancer for most of my husband’s young life. He was only 11 when she died but man, she made him into such a fantastic man. I’m so lucky to have her as a mother-in-law and I wish I could have met her. She would have been a phenomenal grandma and we’re going to make sure Lily knows exactly how special that woman was.

This week’s picture! I went kind of picture crazy this week but I’ll add those to another post sometime after my appointment tomorrow.

She was sitting low so I pushed upwards to make a bump... this is a huge ass bump lol

She was sitting low so I pushed upwards to make a bump… this is a huge ass bump lol


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