24 weeks!

Baby size: Ear of corn. I miss corn :[ She doesn’t like it.. just like her father.. unacceptable.

Weight change: I haven’t changed since 20 weeks. I eat everything set in front of me yet I weigh the same. At least I know she’s healthy.

Sleep: Once I fall asleep, I’m gone… until I have to pee. Two-three wakeups a night are normal at the moment. I’m also starting to get a pinching pain in my lower back so I’ve slept on the couch a few times already for the extra support.

Baby purchases this past week: Nothing this week but we’re heading to Austin tomorrow for bras and baby clothes ๐Ÿ˜€

Movement:ย Just.. always. She either has the hiccups right now or is trying to escape but the top of my belly is going nuts. I would record it for my mom but Lily knows when I pull the camera out because she stops moving every time.

Food cravings: Which Wich and something sweet. I can’t figure out what it is but I WANT IT.

Anything making you queasy: Empty tummy and muscle pulls

Miss anything? Cold cut sandwiches. I don’t really like warm sandwiches except Which Wich. Ironically, I’m not a big deli meat fan when I’m not pregnant but man do I want it now.

What I am looking forward to: Shopping tomorrow and buying my plane ticket to fly home for my BABY SHOWER in October! I haven’t been home since May so my mom is ecstatic. Most of my family hasn’t seen me in a long while so they’re all very excited for me to come home ๐Ÿ˜€ I feel so spoiled, I’m the first of the kids to have a baby and everyone is going gaga over having a new one running around.

Story of the week: Lily was kicking my torn muscle and causing me a lot of pain so Eric put his hand on my stomach since she doesn’t like to kick for him. One tentative kick… another soft kick… SUPER HARD KICK! Then she started pushing on his hand, which is just a strange feeling. He started pushing back, starting a war of the wills above my belly button. One final, “I hate you” kick and she gave up. Eric was pretty smug about winning.


This week has been all around… interesting? My dad called me. The dad who I haven’t spoken to in three years because he cut the entire family off so he could “work through some things” according to my stepmother. I told my mom he would come out of the woodwork as soon as he found out I was pregnant. Low and behold, I get a voice mail that says “So Grandpa told me you were pregnant!” *rolls eyes* No explanation to where he’s been for the last three years, nothing that even hints that he abandoned my sister and myself since August 2011, simply nothing. He’s missed Eric’s deployment, my miscarriage, graduating college, moving to Texas, and my sister graduating (just to name a few major events) and yet he thinks he can just waltz back into my life. Yeah, no. I’m a mother now, I need to focus on my child. Besides, I’m pretty sure he sees this baby as his attempt at a redo of how bad he was as a father. (Example: my dad asked for my sister to come live with him when I was 10 years old. Just her, not me. I was heartbroken. Father’s Day rolled around and I didn’t call him. So he called the next morning and my sister answered. He politely asked her to wake me up… then proceeded to scream bloody murder at me for being a shitty daughter since I didn’t call him. My mom tore him a new one because she’s awesome then changed our phone number. Two years later, my uncle calls and tells me I need to be an adult and forgive my father. Yes, the 12 year old needed to be the adult in the relationship. Pretty much sums up my life with my father!)

In other news, I’ve been hormonal :[ Snapping at Eric for no reason. Partly hormones, partly I’m having a hard time finding snacks between meals and it’s making me grumpy/headachey. I feel bad when it happens and I apologize but I don’t want Eric to start getting resentful that I’m biting his head off for basically breathing. I mean, he is SUPER understanding and I know he knows its not personal.. but damn, I’ve been down right bitchy all week. Someone give me a chill pill.

This week’s picture! I feel like I look less round but meh, she’s obviously doing just fine in there if the rolling and kicks are anything to judge by.

I'm so cute, I know :D

I’m so cute, I know ๐Ÿ˜€


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