The good news fairy has arrived!

Today was my ultrasound appointment and it went fabulously!

Lilyian, in all her glory, refused to move out of the torn muscles on my right side so I had to stand up, push my hand against the right side where she was, and bend over in half. I laid back down and the tech gave a loud “YES!” because she had moved (read: I had pissed her off). By the way, it is really weird to feel a kick while watching it happen onscreen since she had to punish me for making her move.

Before I squished her out of her happy spot, she kept twiddling her fingers together in front of her face. Eric said she’s planning world domination.. I can believe it. When I sat up and we were waiting on the doctor, I could feel her moving back into her clubhouse… and now two techs in a row have said she is ridiculously stubborn so that’s something to look forward to.

A different doctor than last time came in and said the bright spot was gone. YAY!!! Everything looks absolutely normal, she’s measuring about a day ahead. Her EDD is now 12/17 but I’m sure she’s going to run late.. she’s giving off a vibe of “I am the queen and I’ll come when I damn well please”

Also. Little CHUBBY butt. She’s weighing in at 1lb7oz. Typical weight for this week is right around a pound. Don’t grow so fast, you’re already terrifyingly huge for the tiny area you’ll be exiting through…

Still faceplanted to the placenta so no 3D face pictures. Rude.

Still faceplanted to the placenta so no 3D face pictures. Rude.


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