And now the good stuff!

Baby Journey #2

Here’s a “The Journey so Far”


Eric and I have a disturbing ability to get pregnant whenever we are separated for long(ish) times then reunited.

First time – return from deployment, separated for 12 months

Second time – (chemical pregnancy) separated for a year

Third time/current – training, separated for 6 weeks

Eric left 2 days after Valentine’s Day for training in a far away land called Alabama. Eric returned on the 27th of March… right smack dab in the middle of my ovulation cycle.

Period due: 04/10. No period. 04/13 and car sickness from turning into the driveway = time for a pregnancy test. With a positive result. Excuse me? Pee again. Positive. Here we go.

3:30am is a great time to take a pregnancy test, right?

3:30am is a great time to take a pregnancy test, right?

Eric even got the pregnancy test that basically BURNS the image into the screen so at 23 weeks, they STILL say “Pregnant” on them. I randomly check to see and, yep, still there.

I went in for my confirmation scan at 7 weeks because I was leaving the morning of my 8 week start and they only do ultrasounds on Thursdays. Convenient.

Whole picture looks like an alien. My womb looks like a dolphin. Look, a bloop!

Whole picture looks like an alien.
My womb looks like a dolphin.
Look, a bloop!

One glorious little bloop. I spent the next month at home with my mom and sister…and my morning sickness. Oh boy, that was a doozy. Every morning, I got sick. I couldn’t eat as Bloop wouldn’t let me. Literally everything sounded horrible but chicken and garlic (still gag) were my worst enemies.

Three ER visits, guys. All of them for dehydration because everything came up. My sister stopped jumping when I threw open the bathroom door during her showers on my way to hug the toilet because it happened so often. It was hell. I dropped a total of 14lbs before I started gaining any back and I’m still -5lbs from where I started at 7 weeks. And I ripped my side muscle from sneezing in bed. Not round ligament pain, this was a whole new ball game that will come even more into play later on in this post.

I came in for my 12 week appointment and my wonderful doctor had a hard time finding the heart beat (mini panic attack) so she grabbed the ultrasound to keep us from having a heart attack (too late). And thus Raptor Bloop was found!

So creepy. So adorable. I'm in love.

So creepy. So adorable. I’m in love.

My cute little Raptor Bloop 🙂 This was the most “human” looking pictures as the others looked more dinosaur than baby so we kept those to the phone gallery.

16 weeks pregnant, I ran to the ER with bleeding and was diagnosed with a cervical polyp (really? I mean, REALLY?). I saw my regular doctor two days later who also informed me some of my blood vessels that are supposed to be on the inside of my cervix are now on the outside which could attribute to the bleeding as well. So basically, any sex or lots of movement (including coughing and sneezing which both pulled at my torn muscle from earlier) could trigger some bleeding. Yay 😐

At 18 weeks, I went in for my anatomy scan. EEEEEEP! SO EXCITED. I was on the table for about an hour so they could take the 5 billion pictures needed to check everything and I couldn’t help but laugh because wow, was that (giant) bloop ACTIVE! The ultrasound tech kept chastising the baby for moving so much. We found out Bloop is a GIRL by the obvious lack of “stuff” between the legs, then the ultrasound tech confirmed it. My wonderful daughter tried to pull a me as well.

Background story: when I was in the womb, the ultrasound tech thought she found my boy parts and jerked away before my parents saw as she hadn’t asked if they wanted to know. But of course, my parents saw and asked to be showed their little boy’s business to confirm… but it was gone! What! The tech said I must have rolled over but my parents knew.. they knew I was a girl. Turns out I had shoved my hand between my legs with my thumb pointing outwards, resembling the whole package. Ah, I was such a little shit before I even made my entrance into the world.

Anywho, my daughter tried to hardest to get her hand down there fast enough but, alas, was too slow. We saw her lack of business clearly so she slammed her legs closed and refused to show us anymore. Attitude at 18 weeks. She’s a mini me.

Eric and I had decided when we were dating that our first daughter’s name would be Lilyian so here is the first look at our little girl!

I just want to kiss her nose already. Is that too much to ask?

I just want to kiss her nose already. Is that too much to ask?

Count four toes? She has the middle and second to last toes squished :]

Count four toes? She has the middle and second to last toes squished :]

My 20 week appointment showed that I had finally gained some weight! -5lbs of where I started but better than the -14lbs I had gotten to. Nothing big there, just some chit-chat and confirming that my labs looked good thus far and to set up my 24 week appointment.

So here I sit at 23 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Lilyian is kicking me like crazy and my cat is snuggling my thigh because I’m not laying down properly for him to lay against the belly bump. I have an ultrasound on Monday and my next doctors appointment will be on the 5th of September, 25 weeks and 1 day. Next week, I get to start setting up my childbirth classes as you have to be 24 weeks before you’re allowed to schedule them. Not entirely sure why but they’re free so I will not complaining one bit.


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