23 weeks! (and one day)


How far along? 23 Weeks and 1 day

Size: The length of a green onion? (11-14 inches) and about a pound. Of pure KICKING.

Weight Change: I’m still -5lbs which I’ve been since my 20 week appointment. If I don’t gain some weight by the 5th, my nurse is going to kill me lol

Miss Anything: My shorts :[ I forgot to do laundry but I figured I wasn’t THAT much bigger so why not just wear my old shorts?! Oh my god I was so uncomfortable. Nope, not doing that again. I’ll go pantsless before I do that again. And by pantsless, I mean outside of the house because every day is No Pants Day in my house!

Movement: All the time. All. Of. The. Time. The resident at the ER (story below) said “now I know its early but can you feel any baby movement?” LOL you must be kidding because my kid is trying to get out. My stomach is flying with kicks. I’ll look down and my entire bump will be on one side because she’s decided to curl into one of my torn muscles, making it hurt more. She kicked SO hard last night that it scared Eric.

Food Cravings: Which Wich. I asked Eric to leave work and grab me a sandwich yesterday because I NEEDED IT (and my blood sugar was so low that I couldn’t move or I would have gotten it myself) Also, she kicks a lot when I have cinnamon so I’ve been chewing cinnamon gum like its nobody’s business!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not eating, her kicking my torn muscles and making them ache, and chicken…

Gender:  Girl :] Lilyian!

Story of the week: I was bleeding for three days. Well, more like spotting randomly for three days. I wasn’t really concerned because I’m prone to bleeding (see earlier post as to why) but I was having INTENSE and painful cramping all three days so I finally went to the ER. They hooked me up to the fetal monitor which Lily hated and kicked repeatedly until they removed it later on… then she kicked the TOCO monitor until they took THAT one off. Turns out, she’s ripping my muscles even more. They’re already weak and she’s decided that these super stretchy muscles are just perfect for laying on! I’ve been given a belly band which has helped SO MUCH. My pain has diminished tremendously and an added bonus is she kicks more when its on because she really, really hates anything on my stomach.


I’m going to post two pictures since this is my first time sharing them, then I’ll post the weekly pictures every Thursday!

18 week bump! Before this, nothing. Now, itty bitty bump

Little bump!

Little bump!

23 week bump! ITS ALIIIIIIIIVE! I don’t feel like I look pregnant until I see a picture. Then I’m like wow, yep, she’s a’growing.





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